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Хорошо History Eve Adams

Eve closed the garage door and walked into the house. Mr. Pickering was still trapped in the young girl's panties. He was having trouble breathing, covered in Eve's sticky slime. This was much different than licking it out of her panties. Now he was inside them and he didn't like it at all.
Why wasn't she trying to help him?
He heard the sound of the garage door closing and knew they were home. He would convince her to seek help.
She might be a little high strung but she would come to realize that she must do the right thing.
Eve dropped the bag and walked into the bathroom. She couldn't wait to see how her tiny boss was doing. She could feel him struggling. After pulling her car into the garage he had stopped licking and she was very upset. Undoing her shorts she let them fall to the bathroom floor. She slowly peeled her soaked panties down.
There he was. So cute. On his back struggling. Eve laughed when she realized he was stuck in the gusset. He was covered in her juices and he was stuck like he was glued to her panties.
'Poor Poor Slave' she cooed laughing again.
Eve reached down and carefully grabbed his raised arm and lifted him from the panty crotch. Eve bit her lower lip as a naughty thought rifled into her mind. Opening her thighs as far as the panties around her ankles would allow, she held her slave against her pussy and began peeing.
'Your all sticky' she said with an evil tone as she held him in her warm pee stream.
'I'll wash you real good' she said laughing.
Charles Pickering felt the hot urine splashing over his body and dribbling into the toilet water below.
'Drink some for me slave' Eve yelled shaking him.
'DRINK DRINK' unless you want to go for a swim she added.

Eve felt another tingle as the bathroom seemed to brighten just a little. The bathroom window faced the Ocean. It must be that black cloud that had been blocking the sun beginning to move away.

Eve had left her slave in the small bathroom sink in some shallow soapy water while she took a shower. Eve racked her brain trying to find a reason how Pickering had been shrunk. All her thoughts came back to the strange events with the cloud.
Turning on the large screen TV she quickly found the local TV station on the Mainland. The news told her all she needed to know about what was happening but nowhere was there a logical reason why.
She watched the news reports, missing people from the TV station. How the cops on the Mainland tried to stop access to the Island by blocking the drawbridge, the bikers who blew by the roadblock to the Island before the bridge was raised. Eve was betting that they had been shrunk too like her Boss, that's why they couldn't be found. Eve tingled in warm lusty pleasure as she imagined herself being served by several more little people and not just her perv of a boss. She thought of the other naughty things she would force her little slave to do.

In the sink, Charles Pickering tried to scale the slick walls of the sink without any success. He jumped, but that got him nowhere when he was standing in waist deep water. There was nowhere to get any grip and he swore and cursed in his frustration. When he heard the shower stop he stopped trying. He had to find a way to break thru to Eve. He couldn't believe what she had made him do earlier.
Charles Pickering had learned very quickly that his fantasies were a far cry from reality. He shuddered in fear as a cold chill ran down his spine even as he stood waist deep in warm water.

Charles Pickering's New Life

Eve had stepped from the shower giving her boss a birds eye view of her Woman's body. Eve wrapped herself in the huge bath towel after drying off. She brushed out her long black hair and let it hang loose. When she turned, purposely showing her him her ass, her damp hair hung half way down her back. Charles Pickering looked at her ass and felt desire and shame all at the same time.
He tried calling out to her but she ignored his squeaky little cries as she sat on the closed toilet seat trimming her toenails.
She ignored his cries but not her thoughts. She had a pretty good idea of what she'd find on his PC back in his office but right or wrong she knew what she wanted. Eve wanted power over another person. She wanted to be served and treated like the Princess she was.
As she sat there trimming her toenails she thought back to watching him drink her pee as she dangled him in her stream. She wanted to do more. She wiggled her ass on the closed toilet seat and thought about how she had forced him to be her toilet by making him drink her pee. As she clipped the last nail she felt a tingle and her pussy getting wet as she thought about making him serve her as her Toilet all the time. After all a Princess deserved nothing less didn't she?
For a brief second she wondered where all these thoughts were coming from. Strange, she said to herself as the room began to darken once again. She looked out the window. The sky was darkening again & she began thinking once more about all nasty things she would have her slave do for her.

Eve gathered up the clippings and lifting the toilet seat she dropped them in the bowl and flushed them away. Behind her the bathroom window remained dark. The black cloud was moving slowly onshore again, blotting out the sun.
Like a storm cloud that couldn't hold back the rain any longer the black Cloud couldn't hold its burden of evil. It began to pour its pent up evil down upon the Woman of what would become Femina Island.
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